really I don’t know what I’m going to write about for my research paper, but i did some research on robberies and that’s where I’m leaning toward to write about. so far i just came across a lot of topics to lean toward but i ask myself is it enough to write a 10-15 page paper?????


Floyd Mayweather Vs. Victor Ortiz controversial Knockout

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Beats Victor Ortiz with controversial knockout , but the question is was it clean or dirty? some claim that it was clean and that fighters should protect themselves at all times, which i agree. At the weigh in most thought Ortiz was going to when I know I did. The fight was crazy and i thought for sure Mayweather was going to lose because he haven’t fought in about 16 months. I thought this was important because I think Mayweather cheated Ortiz and Ortiz deserve a rematch. The rules need to change with boxing because that cheap shot wasn’t right and the judges shouldn’t went for it.


READ ASAP 911 “Cars That Thieves Don’t Want”

“Cars That Thieves Don’t Want” written By Jeanine Skowronski, is an article that was about how The Highway Loss Data Institute did a recent list about the least and most stolen cars. The article talks about how thieves mainly try to go after the big pick-up trucks o suvs because of their power engines. They list cars like Cadillac Escalades, Nissan Maxium, Chrysler 300, and Dodge chargers. you can find this article at  I felt I needed to do this article because it relates to me. On July 16, 2011 two of my friends and I went to a friends party where we expected to have a good time. We did until the night ended. When we left the party we were walking back to my car when we got approached by about four guys with guns. They told us to get on the ground while holding their guns at us and my friends did and I didn’t and that was a big mistake. I got into defense mode and started to fight one of the nearest guys that had the gun and I was winning until his buddies came over to help him. They all pistol whipped me and I fell to the ground dripping with blood. They searched us and took over $220, a watch, phone, ipod, ipad, two sets of keys. They ran off and I called for help while chasing them, but i blacked out. I got carried to the corner where my car was parked and one of my friends notice that my car was missing it was a 2008 Chrysler Sebring. Help came and the rushed me to the hospital where i had to get 34 stitches in my face, a staple in my head, and my ear attached backed together. I wanted to write this to share my experiences with thieves and just to give everyone a warning about when they go out be safe and stay alert all times SO BE SAFE!!!!!!!!!! p.s if you have any questions about the party or whats the result of everything comment please and thanks for reading.


Hi, my name is Tramonja Booth and i attend Northern Illinois University. I’m from the west side of Chicago IL and my favorite  hobbies are playing basketball, football, and sleeping. The things that i dislike are murders, people who doubt, and laziness. the things that i like are flirting, basketball, and being by myself. I’m in English 104 mo5 and, so far I like the class and i look forward to working with my peers and Mr. Gard thank you.

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